About Our Work

Japan's meat industry

With about a tenfold increase in meat consumption per person, the diet of people in Japan has changed radically over the last 50 years.

Whether it is domestic or imported beef, pork, or poultry, today, quality meat raised with care by farmers is a vital component of people's lives. Providing our many customers with tasty products, HANEWFOODS GROUP is proud to contribute to happy and healthy lives.

Spurred on by the increase of meat consumption in Japan, the meat industry has seen significant development. The many businesses that exist alongside each other today include meat-specialized trading companies and distributors, producers of processed meat products, large and small retailers who directly sell meat to consumers, and restaurants. All these businesses are linked together as they conduct their daily operations with a single goal in mind: providing consumers with safe, quality meat that tastes good. Each business plays an indispensable role in delivering quality products that empower people's lives.


HANEWFOODS GROUP consists of a domestic network of group companies, with each division containing several companies. The Procurement & Sales Division imports meat from different countries around the world; the Domestic Production Division raises cattle and sells domestically grown beef such as Japanese Black Wagyu; the Processing Division processes meat for the restaurant industry and large retailers; the Sales Division focuses on route sales to directly sell meat to customers all over Japan; the Product Sales Division mainly sells processed meat products to restaurants and chu-shoku companies nationwide.

Other divisions include the Overseas Division, which directly builds relations with overseas businesses to ensure the import of quality meat and expand local markets; the Business Promotion Division, which works together with all companies and is responsible for supporting business by sharing information about processing technologies and hygiene management and by building company-wide business strategies; and the Administration Division, which ensures that operations run efficiently by centralizing administrative tasks related to accounting, HR, and general affairs; and the Finance Division, which conducts operations related to financial activities such as negotiating with financial institutions and raising funds.

A versatile force within the meat industry, HANEWFOODS GROUP engages in trading, distribution, and production. We provide restaurants as well as large and small retailers with speedy and customer-oriented services, channeling the strength of our group-utilized management in order to support consumers' culinary lifestyles.