Quality Assurance

HANEWFOODS GROUP is aware that the handling of food products requires particular attention to quality control.

Always looking to improve our production environment, we use specialized production equipment, prioritize factory safety, and appoint teams who periodically perform hygiene inspections (their checklist containing 121 items). We then analyze the results and add cumulative improvements. This system enables us to safely produce and deliver high-quality meat products with the right standards, and keep our customers satisfied.

HANEWFOODS GROUP quality policy

HANEWFOODS GROUP delivers high-quality products according to the needs of our customers. We therefore put special emphasis on the terms 'quality' and 'standards'.

The food products that we offer must be safe and reliable. We believe that in order to maintain consistent high quality production, we need to have a system for strict quality control and use that system in the most effective way.

Now and in the future, HANEWFOODS GROUP remains dedicated to delivering safe, reliable products all day, every day.

HANEWFOODS GROUP quality control system

In order to deliver the safest and most reliable products, HANEWFOODS GROUP has established its own quality criteria. Raw ingredients are visually checked upon arrival, and our processing factories have inspection laboratories where ingredients and finished products are checked for microbial contamination.

Only products that meet our standards and criteria may leave our facilities for shipment.

Our employees also go through daily health checks, the results of which are recorded and, if necessary, used to take preventive measures, to ensure that our products are safe.

We want our customers to be satisfied to the highest degree, and we believe that food safety and reliability represent the greatest value that HANEWFOODS GROUP can add. We work hard every day to make and keep this a reality.

Quality inspection system

Quality inspection system

Ingredient / product inspection

HANEWFOODS GROUP's food processing factories are equipped with our own inspection laboratories. The raw materials that make up the ingredients of our products are tested here to make sure they are suited to be processed. The laboratories are also used to check whether finished products meet the required standards.

  • Inspection laboratory (example)

    Inspection laboratory (example)

    At HANEWFOODS GROUP's exclusive inspection laboratories, we inspect ingredient meat before production as well as finished products.

  • Inside the inspection laboratory

    Inside the inspection laboratory

    Our inspection laboratories comply with the highest standards of hygiene at all times, and all units of inspection equipment are calibrated to maximum measurement accuracy.

  • Preparing medium for testing

    Preparing medium for testing

    Exclusive inspectors are assigned to prepare for daily inspection.

  • Implementing inspections

    Implementing inspections

    Inspections are carried out according to HANEWFOODS GROUP's original strict inspection criteria.

  • Verifying the inspection results

    Verifying the inspection results

    When inspection has shown that the product meets the quality criteria, it is released from storage to be shipped.

  • Inspection personnel

    Inspection personnel

    Our exclusive inspection personnel who carry out inspections take periodical exams to measure their skill level and further increase their knowledge. Working in the background to ensure that HANEWFOODS GROUP products are safe, our inspectors are kept under close scrutiny as they conduct their daily operations.

Equipment hygiene inspection

HANEWFOODS GROUP's meat processing factories are carefully monitored to make sure the level of hygiene management is adequate.

All our equipment and facilities used for food products are maintained in perfect order according to their operating manuals.

They must also be in a clean condition at all times, and our teams perform daily inspections to confirm that they have been washed thoroughly after use.

  • Visual inspection

    Visual inspection

    After completion of the cleaning operations, inspectors perform a visual check of the equipment to make sure no stains remain.

  • Wiping-off inspection [1]

    Wiping-off inspection [1]

    Using special reagent and inspection equipment, an inspector checks the equipment for any washing remnants that are not visible to the naked eye. Should he find any, the cleaning operation is repeated.

  • Wiping-off inspection [2]

    Wiping-off inspection [2]

    At HANEWFOODS GROUP, we always look at our hygiene standards from the perspective of our customers, and therefore we do not allow any flaws in our inspection system in order to deliver safe and reliable products.

Our processing facilities

HANEWFOODS GROUP ensures that its products are made in a stable and hygienic environment, and the temperature at our processing facilities is kept at about 10-15°C. We carefully clean our factory equipment by using devices that efficiently disperse a special cleaning agent.

  • Overview of the group company's processing facility

    Overview of the group company's processing facility

    Our products are made in a hygienic environment.

  • Slice line

    Slice line

    equipped with high working efficiency machines, our meat slicing line is capable of quickly producing products that meet detailed standards.

  • Freezer line

    Freezer line

    To store the meat in its optimal condition, we use the latest freezers that can instantly freeze any product.

  • Hamburger steak line

    Hamburger steak line

    We can produce hamburger steaks and minced meat products of any standards using the specialized equipment at our hamburger steak line.

  • Product inspection

    Product inspection

    We frequently check samples of our finished products and measure their mass, size, and thickness. We prepare food samples on a daily basis to make our products as consistent in quality as we can.

  • Cleaning operations [1]

    Cleaning operations [1]

    After we shut down the processing line, we thoroughly clean it using a special cleaning agent. An inspector responsible for a single line inspects the line after cleaning.

  • Cleaning operations [2]

    Cleaning operations [2]

    Every nook and cranny of the factory is rigorously cleaned, as we aim to maintain a hygienic environment where incidents of bacterial contamination cannot occur.

Structure of our processing divisions

HANEWFOODS GROUP operates 15 meat processing factories in Japan, supervised and managed by the Processing Division.

Factory management is based on fundamental principles regarding hygiene and safety as detailed in our Factory Management Policy and Factory Management Behavioral Policy, and all employees regularly participate in educational training sessions.

Structure of our processing divisions

  • We deliver safe products that can be trusted by our customers.
  • We make our products in a clean environment using equipment and facilities that meet the standards of hygiene that are expected of a food product factory.
  • We observe the laws, regulations, and rules within our compliance philosophy as we conduct our operations.
  • We conduct our production operations according to safe operation methods to protect our workers from work-related accidents.
  • As a production facility for meat products, we conduct our operations using reliable knowledge and skills.
  • We try to maximize productivity and reduce expenses as we aim to enhance our competitiveness and profitability.
  • Our employees are able to develop themselves to best suit the needs of our food production facilities, and our factories should be rewarding workplaces.

Factory Management Behavioral Policy

  • We observe the rules and procedures regarding factory management and production activities.
  • Our factory equipment, facilities, furnishings, and employees meet appropriate standards of hygiene.
  • Rules and manuals necessary for our operations are kept in an up-to-date condition.
  • Through independent inspections and factory audits, we make sure that laws, regulations, and rules are being observed.
  • We provide information and support regarding problems and recommendations for improvements that come up during factory audits.
  • Prioritizing the safety of our personnel, we take measures to reduce risks in our factory operations.
  • Our companies train their employees to develop their knowledge and skills and to promote safety.
  • Our employees develop knowledge and skills required for their job and strive for personal development.
  • We proactively and persistently launch initiatives aimed at self-improvement.
  • We encourage our employees to greet each other and promote smooth communication to create a positive work environment.