Employee Relations

HANEWFOODS GROUP has established a system to fairly evaluate employee performance and provide appropriate compensation. We want employees to feel motivated and consider their job to be a rewarding experience, in order to nourish a proactive attitude.

We also offer educational training programs for employees, so they can develop their individual skills in a stimulating environment.

Human resource development

At HANEWFOODS GROUP, we believe on-the-job training through a wide range of activities is the most important tool for human resources development. However, we also provide various forms of education to develop the skill level of our employees. Besides group training programs for new employees and training programs customized for individual employees' skill levels, we also organize trainings where employees of different group companies can exchange their knowhow.

  • Training for new employees

    Training for new employees

    New employees of every company within HANEWFOODS GROUP go through a group training program where they learn about business manners as a member of society, our compliance guidelines, and get to know HANEWFOODS GROUP's corporate philosophy and other fundamental principles.

  • Fundamental sales skills training

    Fundamental sales skills training

    Mainly offered to employees working in our Sales Division, our sales training programs aim to strengthen trainees' fundamental sales skills to maximize management with customer satisfaction.

    The sales skill program includes lessons in basic business manners and field sales training in which trainees can practice sales techniques before putting them into action.

  • English language training

    English language training

    We offer weekly conversation classes at HANEWFOODS Inc.'s Osaka Headquarters and Tokyo Branch Office, where a large number of employees interested in self-enlightenment train their English language skills with a native instructor once a week.

  • HANEWFOODS GROUP Management School

    HANEWFOODS GROUP operates a management school where young management trainees can work on their management skills. Our management school regularly invites guest instructors who share their expertise with a new generation of leaders.

  • Overseas training

    HANEWFOODS Inc. offers an overseas training program geared toward broadening the knowledge of our sales employees.

    The training program takes place for approximately one month in Australia at a major production plant that has a long-standing relationship with HANEWFOODS GROUP.

    Here, trainees get to know many aspects of the production process for the meat that they sell. They experience work at the processing line for meats for the Japanese market, and they learn about meat standards, quality standards, and inspection. The training program also helps employees improve their communication skills in an international environment and polish their English language skills.